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Founded in 2019, LE MARAIS 101 is an exclusive line of accessories created to embellish and enhance the look of any handbag.

LE MARAIS 101 specializes in handmade leather accessories with innovative designs, and new-age techniques used to customize handbags.
The distinctive accessories can easily be attached to any type of bag, to personalize the piece according to one’s personality and mood of the moment.

LE MARAIS 101 celebrates individuality - and through its state-of-the-art products, aspires to magnify beauty, embrace uniqueness, and to take pride in individual personas.
In a world of modernization and mass-production, fast-tracked by the digital era, it’s easy for one to lose their true sense of self - the unspoken pressure of keeping up appearances, has raised an unfair set of rules, resulting in the loss of individuals’ uniqueness, and the priceless value of the latter.

LE MARAIS 101 believes in the power of personality, and aims to make beautiful creations, to appreciate an individual’s nature.
With our line of accessories, we fight against social pressure, we challenge everyone to be different, to be unique, to simply be themselves.


The inspiration of our brand is drawn from the Marais, a renown Parisian neighborhood, a true hotspot in the city of lights, acclaimed for it’s unique mix of cultures, and immersive history.

We are enamored by the community’s distinct worlds, its authenticity, and non-conventional spirit.
In the bustling district, reigns a feeling of absolute freedom - a concept redefined by our line of products.

We offer a new identity to timeless bags, and add a twist to elegant emblems.
Through our collection pieces we represent the Marais’ society - innovative, artistic, with an innate "joie de vivre".

We create accessories that awaken one’s sense of style, evoke a smile, and bring joy.

Akin to the Marais’ offbeat energy, eccentricity & individualism, LE MARAIS 101 enables us to shine and set ourselves apart through one-of-a-kind accessory pieces.

WHY 101 ?

The numerical code 101 is the introduction to a new concept. LE MARAIS 101 is exactly that, we’re inspired, we’re creative, and we have a message to share.

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We form an exceptional relationship with our most prized material possession: our handbag.
It is an accessory item that contains our entire universe, upgrades our outfits, and is furthermore a portrayal of our persona.
Originally a practical piece, fundamentally created to contain our essential items, a handbag can also be a private safe space, where one can find our to-do lists, the little treasures we collect, secret love notes, kept photos, and possibly hidden good-luck charms.
Our choice of handbag, and how we wear it, is truly telling who we are , our mood of the moment, and may offer insight into our world.
Handbag options are infinite - yet as individuals, we are all unique, and it is in fact ourselves that give the accessory all its value in the ways we wear it.
However, handbags may become lackluster overtime and only a few accessories may help adorn and dress a bag, such as a silk scarf.
We wished to offer a new dimension to handbag accessories, along with an important message to share on the importance of individuality and sustainability.
As craftsmanship enthusiasts, we studied the various forms of symbolism used to embellish diverse adornments.
We have reinterpreted these cultural characters to deliver a sentiment, as well as a sense of pride - all whilst combining artistry and memorandum.
Through our creations, we aim to set aside the dictates of conventional fashion.
Our unique pieces are instantaneously recognizable, showcase our distinctive tastes and highlight our personalities.