is a brand that says...

Yes to spreading your wings, and soaring.
Yes to taking your time, and transforming into a butterfly.
Yes to being fierce, and to pursuing what sets your soul on fire.
Yes to embracing your uniqueness, and to being different.
Yes to accepting change, and staying faithful to yourself.
Yes to remaining a flawless yet imperfect version of your own true self.
Yes to being you, the best version of you.


Zina Khair

Born in Damascus, Zina Khair was raised in a Syrian home of art aficionados and collectors.
Enthralled by the entertainment industry, Zina started her professional career alongside her father in the TV production business, before taking on the responsibilities of the Adonia Awards for Syrian Drama.
A philanthropist at heart, and a longstanding activist in the humanitarian field, Zina pursed her passion project in 2005, and officially co-founded an NGO to aid the blind and visually impaired in Syria.
Following civil war clashes in her home country, Zina and her family moved to Dubai in 2012, where she was fascinated by the cosmopolitan community in the city, and stunned by the diversity of women from various backgrounds.
Intrigued by the scene’s obsession with fashion, she felt the need to create a trend-worthy accessory that would embrace & celebrate all women’s uniqueness - a fashionable product all women would want to complement their personal style.
Set on her new creative vision, Zina asked her longtime friend Angélique Tournoud, recognized for her exceptional eye for detail, to join her on her new design adventure.

Angélique Tournoud

Angélique Tournoud, is quintessentially French in all her ways, with an inherited elegance, and an eye for detail.
Inspired by her graceful mother, who introduced her to beautiful fabrics and the art of traditional savoir-faire, Angélique developed an appreciation for beautiful things from a young age.
She left France twenty-five years ago, to follow her husband around the Gulf states, where she fell in love with the local community’s sense of hospitality, as well as their vitality, and all- around positivity.
She grew particularly fond of Dubai, a city she loves and describes as a land amazing, where everything is possible.
Whilst based in the UAE, Angélique was able to keep close ties with her home country by locally curating a magazine distributed in the South of France.
An idealist and a perfectionist, yet always creative, she was completely captivated by Zina’s idea to amplify & personalize women’s handbags. Following lengthy research, countless illustrations, design trials, and endless hours of deliberation over the selection of symbols - dream turned into reality, with the completion of a collection real-size bag accessories.

LE MARAIS 101 highlights the importance of individualism symbolized in high quality accessories, to personalize any handbag.

  • Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself

  • ~ Coco Chanel ~


consists of eight different
designs, with a variety of options
in size, color and fabric.

Prices range from AED 450.00 to AED 2200.00

Ms. 101, Wings
Ms. Grace, Butterfly
Ms. Hope, Bird
Ms. Sinsation, Serpent
Ms. Bolt, Lightening
Ms. Lust, Flames
Ms. Divine Sinsation, Mini Serpent
Lucky Me, Magnet Badge